The practice of naturism is a wonderful sensation of freedom, in an egalitarian anonymity between humans, loving a healthy and natural life, without discrimination.
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My penchant for naturism dates back many years, but he lived in meetings and situations without much coherence.

A simple observation, living without clothes when the temperature allows it is not the most natural thing in the world?
Living naked, walking naked in nature, swimming naked, doing nude sports is simply a real pleasure.

When one is naked, in the midst of a naturist group, the social and physical differences are abolished. In the very concept of naturism, one finds above all the respect of the other. This respect is perfectly seen in all the family naturist sites. It is a pity that being naked in our society is considered a kind of anomaly that would be advocated by some marginals... Nudity in most of our Western societies is considered abnormal and subversive under the guise of religious morals that have been raging for many centuries.Yet we are born naked and when children are bred in naturism, they are most often perfectly fulfilled and healthy in their head.

I practice a regular naturism whenever possible since my retirement in September 2014, with sometimes a regret, that of not having practice regularly earlier.


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