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Emmanuel Thomas Photographies - image au réel

As a self-taught photographer, the search for images is a way of observing life around my own existence. Setting life scenes is limited to a few themes that have naturally punctuated my past years.

In twenty years I have collected many photographs of classical musicians, jazz and even world music. I have frequented ballet classics, contemporary, Random theatre of my encounters.

It is also in my nature to bear my gaze on feminine beauty. Since 1996, I have photographed many models.
I love and respect those people who are the eternal source of my inspiration. Often, simply, I watch them live in their fantasy, their humour and sometimes their sadness... When a complicity arrives to hatch, then the magic of the images makes its way and enchants me.

In 1998, I photographed a young mother with her baby aged a few months. Naturally enough, she agreed to pose nude with her child. The images were beautiful and sensitive, and the shots on this theme were chained and continue today. Without really wanting it, the theme of the mother and child became one of my favorites.
In 2007, I was able to gather a large exhibition in 100 photographs on this theme, under the title "A Fleur de skin ", at the Château de Mézières, in Eaubonne, in the Val d'oise.

To this day, installed in the village atmosphere of strings on Sky, in the Department of Tarn, retreating since September 2014, my photographic activity intensified, with always pictures of musicians, mothers with their children, but also of Many female nudes associated with the beautiful nature of my new country. Practicing naturism, very naturally, I have developed many shots of sight in this field.

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